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The SellingSF Team, led by Don Woolhouse and Stefano DeZerega, is committed to providing clients with consistently exceptional service. With almost 50 years of combined real estate experience, our dynamic team is able to make things happen. Our background in the business spans from property management, to mortgage financing, to real estate development and beyond. Yet, the core business and strength of the team is working effectively with all types of people to buy and sell homes; facilitating our clients, in any situation, to realize their dreams.

By working collaboratively as a team we are able to utilize our respective strengths and offer unparalleled service to our clients. With our deep ties to realtors throughout the bay area, we have built significant relationships within the real estate community. These relationships often serve our clients, allowing us an extra opportunity to ratify contracts, solve problems, and close deals.


Client Quotes

“Stefano’s positive attitude, intricate knowledge of our neighborhoods of interest and real estate technicalities, and friendly, personable nature kept us motivated to find what we were looking for. There just seemed to be nothing he hadn’t seen before.”
John P
John P
“When buying, Don wanted to find the RIGHT house more than he wanted to just get us to buy one. On the selling side, he guided us through the inspections, appraisals, and loan to make sure the deal made it to the finish line … and it wasn’t easy. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”
Kearsley H
Kearsley H
“If there were any issues which required additional attention, Stefano was quick to utilize any tools at his disposal including the internet, industry websites, and the Zephyr network of peers. He specializes in placing clients in properties that are not only prudent investments but happy homes.”
Richard & David
Richard & David
“Thanks to the world’s best realtor — Donald Woolhouse!”
Ron S
Ron S
“Pricing, marketing, other realtors, open houses, showings, inspections, and the banks … the great part about working with the team is that all of that was just handled.”
Peter and Vshal
Peter and Vshal
“We just purchased our 19th home, and we have never had agents of Don and Stefano’s caliber. They did everything right for us in the torturous SF market. We would not have gotten our new home but for their tenacity and expert knowledge of market machinations.”
Glenn and Nancy S
Glenn and Nancy S
“They marketed aggressively, handled contingencies wisely and efficiently, communicated regularly, and showed professionalism and caring in all of their actions.”
Judy M
Judy M
“Don and Stefano are remarkable Real Estate Agents. Besides being completely honest, dedicated, thorough, and knowledgeable, these two guys had a creative approach in showing the property in its strength."
Galen H
Galen H
“Don and Stefano are simply the best. We have bought and sold houses with them several times and each time we were impressed with their professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market. We recently sold our house it couldn’t have been easier!”
Ross S
Ross S
“Stefano certainly brings a plethora of negotiating tools to the table! His energy: vivacious. His knowledge: vast. His intuition: that of a woman’s. Smarm? NOT EVEN. Aggressive? Bulldog throw-down as needed.”
Eric B
Eric B



Represented Buyer
Represented Seller
899 Grizzly Peak Blvd. Berkeley, CA 94708-1313
SOLD – 402 Laverne Avenue, Mill Valley CA 94941
SOLD – 3744 22nd Street, San Francisco 94114
SOLD – 6 Nogales Street, Berkeley CA 94705
SOLD – 76 Lippard Avenue, San Francisco 94131
SOLD – 133 Baden Street, San Francisco 94131
SOLD – 621 Alvarado Street, San Francisco 94114
SOLD – 629 Alvarado Street, San Francisco CA 94114
SOLD – 2637 Union Street, San Francisco CA 94123
SOLD – 1565 Sacramento Street #2, San Francisco CA 94109
SOLD – 3956 20th Street, San Francisco CA 94114
SOLD – 2641 Webster St. #2, Berkeley CA 94705
SOLD – 1855 Sacramento Street #5, San Francisco, CA 94109
SOLD – 1924 Pine Street, SF CA 94109
SOLD – 2222 Bay Street, San Francisco 94123
SOLD – 1333 Jones St No 705, San Francisco CA 94109
SOLD – 199 Tiffany Avenue, No. 410 San Francisco CA 94110
SOLD – 1753 Lyon St., San Francisco CA 94115
SOLD – 825 Alvarado Street, San Francisco CA 94114
SOLD – 80A Richland Ave., San Francisco CA 94110
SOLD – 2023 18th Ave., San Francisco CA 94116
SOLD – 151 Buena Vista Ave, Stinson Beach Marin County
SOLD – 888 Peru Street, San Francisco CA 94112
SOLD – 4024-4026 18th Street, San Francisco CA 94114
SOLD – 29 Park Hill, San Francisco CA 94117
SOLD – 4221 West Street, Oakland CA 94608
SOLD – 323 29th St. #C401, San Francisco CA 94131
SOLD – 835 Cole Street #4, San Francisco CA 94117
SOLD – 134 Lee Avenue, San Francisco CA 94112
SOLD – 44 Dawnview Way, San Francisco CA 94131
SOLD – 625 Detroit Street, San Francisco CA 94131
SOLD – 1261 Florida St., San Francisco CA 94110
SOLD – 71 Rosenkranz St., San Francisco CA 94110
SOLD – 45 Arnold Ave., San Francisco CA 94110
SOLD – 1420-1/2 Hopkins Street, Berkeley 94702